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You know your obsessive with Axis powers Hetalia when:

1: You can’t think the word ‘invade’ anymore you just say ‘rape’

2: You eat pasta because Italy does

3: You call the countries by there human names.

4: You make all your friends take quizzes to see what country they are and then you call them by there country name.

5: You watch all the episodes in English and japans

6: You surf the internet, and scan your history books for anything to support your favorite shippings.

7: When people say Hetalia is gay you scream “You’re just mad because Holy Roman Empire didn’t love you!”

8:  You memorized the ending song to APH

9: You know what Prussia is

10: You try to convince people that you are the hero

11: McDonalds is your home away from home

12: You get mad when your friends/family refuse to call you by your country name

13: Starbucks thinks your crazy because when they ask your name you just say your country.

14: You take pride in which ever side your country was in (Axis or Allied)

15: You try to convince people to become one with mother Russia, and when they refuse you smile and say “No problem, everyone will become one with mother Russia soon enough”

16: You throw tomatoes at people

17: You say “Aru” after every sentence

18: You love Hello Kitty

19: You dress up in a panda suit and stalk people

20: You get insulted when people think ChibiTalia is a girl

21: You screamed when HRE kissed Chibitalia

22: You refuse to believe that Germany and Italy are not meant to be

23: You take pictures of guys kissing

24: You walk around with chickens

25: You have ordered a character cosplay a year in advanced for comic con, or AX

26: Your youtube and DA pages have Hetalia plastered all over them

27: You think Germany is sexy, Russia is cute, and Prussia is awesome

28: You get angry when people don’t notice Canada

29: When your history teacher says anything about countries you smile

30: When you see any country flag you burst out laughing

31: You cry if people talk about the revolutionary war

32: When you listen to a song you put the song with a character from Hetalia

33: You have a swirl in your hair

34: You put your hair like your favorite characters

35: Your history teacher is afraid to say “America” in class because you end up yelling “America F**k yeah!”

36: You carry around a white flag

37: You say “pasta” at random

38: You hid any time you hear a girl say “Marry me”

39: Your face turns evil when you think about hurting anyone

40: You try to pose as someone else to get noticed

41: You walk around in a sailor suit

42: You pretend to talk to fairies, unicorns, est. in public

43: You play the piano to show your emotions

44: You love sunflowers all of a sudden

45: You cant stop shaking

46: You wear a mask

47: You have a secret stash of porn videos in your house

48: You decided to wear a scarf everywhere even if it’s a blazing hot outside

49: You constantly tell your family your going to invade them if they get on your nerves

50: You get sent to therapy for crying hysterically and yelling at the tv/computer when HRE had to leave Chibitalia.

51: You can’t stop talking to your therapist about your secret plan for taking over every country and having them become one with you.

52: You then get kicked out of therapy for showing up one day with only a rose on.

53: When you eat at Italian restrants you ask to talk to “Feliciano/N.Italy” and if Ludwig is with him.

54: You are all of a sudden obsessive with cats

55: You call yourself “awesome” every chance you get

56: You carry around a bear of some sort

57: You know the video “Makka na Ito” on youtube and can’t stop watching it

58: Alfred is your new Hero

59: You clean your entire house

60: You clean your friends house

61: You boss people around to do stuff for you

62: Your best friend is always scared of you and wont stop shaking

63: You sit on your computer for hours waiting for the new APH episode to become English subbed

67: You interview people about Christmas

68: When people try to hurt you, you scream “I’m sorry I’m sorry! Don’t hurt me please, I have relatives living in [insert were you live here]! Germany germany save me!”

69: You run to your friends aid any time they scream for you

70: You like red now

71: You think the cold war between America and Russia was really a fight to see who is on top (thanks Amyspirit)

72: You grow out your eye brows

73: You carry around your favorite character/nations flag

74: You can talk about nothing but Hetalia

75: You tell people to eat bullets

76: You are over-protective of your little brother

77: Wurst has become your favorite food

78: You love to give hugs/kisses

79: You try to get everyone around you to strip

80: You get angry at people who talk about Sealand not being a country

81: Hetalia comes up in every topic

82: You start a Hetalia club

83: You wear glasses just to look like Alfred

84: You are far to flashy

85: You try your hardest to look like your older brother

86: You just became a cross dresser

87: You like pyramids a bit to much

88: You wear a large cross necklace

89: You dress up as Santa

90: You downloaded all the Hetalia endings and put them all on your ipod/mp3 player

91: You have become very lazy

92: You can’t cook for your life

93: You call Canada “America’s hat”

94: You jump out of a plane and yell “vodka” on the way down

95: You started to drink tea with every meal

96: You know the song “Canadian please” and sing it every day

97: Your dream is to live in a warm place filled with sun flowers

98: You always smile

99: The song “We didn’t start the fire” makes you laugh

100: You stay up till 2 in the morning to make a list entitled “You know your obsessive with Axis powers Hetalia when”

~Other people's~
1: (FFValentine) You cheer for your fav characters when you watch international sports! (Or the Olympics!)

2: (Rand0mV1rus) You run faster when running away.

3: If an art teacher tells you to draw the Earth, you just draw a circle.

4: You drink from your boot.

5: You carry a white flag as a weapon.

6: You call your grandpa Roman Empire.

7: Instead of studying for a History test, you just watch Hetalia.

8: (deidarafangirlll) You say "I live in the united states of alfred!"

9: (RavenEleonoraLenore) When you hear someone talking about the merging of France and England you suddenly screamed "HE WAS FORCED I TELL YOU FORCED"

10: (Snakedizzle) You keep Machiavelli in your suitcase to prepare for war.

11: All your friends build sand castles, and you build giant plates of spaghetti.

12: (Karff) You can't wait till you're in heaven or hell.

13: (Shellybrulez) You point out every country you know on a map and talk about them

14: You tell people Prussia is still around

15: (eath-By-Hiccups)You see a buch of country flags and point at them while screaming "HETALIA!! HEATLIA!!"

16: When you answer the phone you say "Douise douitse!"

17: You carry around a lead pipe

18: You suggest to your history teacher that the class watch Hetalia when studying World War II
19: The only reason you know anything about World War II is because of hetalia

20:ou say "da" after every sentence

21: You nominate every day as 'Hetalia Day'

22: The only reason you like History is because of Hetalia

23: You laugh "Kolk Kolk Kolk"

24: You draw Hetalia characters all over your history notes

25: You call people "Potato Bastard"

26: You go around singing 'The deicious tomato song'

27: You see sunflowers, pasta, or tomatoes and start squealing

28: (javelinx13) You can explain, in great detail, the chain of events that led to Germania--->Holy Roman Empire--->Germany

29: People think you're secretly a communist because you keep telling everyone that 'All will become one with Russia'

30: You warn people against going to Belarus because' they're all insane over there'.

31: Everytime you see a picture of Hitler and Mussolini, you scream, 'FANFICTION OPPORTUNITY!' even though it makes you feel terrible because they were such awful people.

32: You want to go to Prussia, even though you've been told multiple times that it no longer exists.

33: All you have to say on the subject of the Roman Empire when your teacher asks you is 'he was a player'.

34: You know in your heart that the US has nothing to fear from China...becasue how could any guy who loves Hello Kitty and panda bears and cute things be evil???

35: (QueenOfDarkness898) You look at a map and think it is a social gathering.

36: (Were-Wolf-Mutt) You get upset when your history class doesn't cover the HRE in enough detail to prove that he did in fact grow up to be Germany, therefore proving that Germany and Italy ARE perfect for each other.

37: You walk into history class and, without a word, start laughing hysterically.

38: You find all your friends that have ANY Italian heritage and hug them. Then, you proceed to find all your German friends and ask in an adorable voice if they will hug you.

39: You scream "Maple!" anytime you get hurt or scared.

40: Your family/friends/teachers are getting sick of hearing about history.

41: You laugh at most inanimate objects you see: a piano, a rose, a frying pan, a faucet/pipe, a tomato, pasta, ect.; and start to cry whenever you see an old fashioned broom.

42: (xX-Jamie-Xx) When you know what people mean by Americas "Florida"

43: (Norsk-Skovkatt) You take pictures of guys kissing

44: (Amy-Teh-Cat) you read this whole list to your mother while shes trying to ignore you and watch tv.

45: (iluvkenny35) If you've drawn a mouth on a hello kitty before.

46: (Erie-chan08) instead of using "it" to call a country, you use "he" or "she"..
ex. You don't know about the awesome Prussia?! HE is like the awesomest nation and.. *rambles on about his awesomeness8D*

47: if you have a facebook account, you play farmville just so you can plant tomatoes and sunflowers.

48: (Tenwood) you go to the library to check out books about Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Korea, China etc.

49: (mewberrylol) You dress up like your favourite country for a history report and flip out when you don't get extra credit for it

50: (RoronoaGirl) Your final resolution to anything is: Surrender, go home, sing, eat and sleep.

51: (HazzieBlob) When someone asks you for help, you tell them that you'll take the appropriate action
I have seen a few of these and decided to take a crack at it, now it's 2 in the morning and I'm starving XD So I'm going to eat then going to bed. Hope you like it =)

If you have anymore reasons let me know and I will add them. ^^
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